Two Tarts and a Princess was originally created in 2014, with aspirations in creating cute stationary that were snippets of the designer's life and moments.

Since 2016, Two Tarts and a Princess has been re-branded to allow the designer and creator an outlet to turn her ideas and quirky artwork into wearable pieces of art and utilize mixed media. As a technical designer and a hobby artist, she has bridged the two by designing pieces that require both her artistic concept, technical skills, and materialistic understandings.

Here at Two Tarts and a Princess, we aim to create one of a kind pieces that are handmade with love and care. We consider each piece to be an individual work of art. Each piece is cut locally and then prepared, hand painted, assembled, varnished, and finished by the designer/creator. 

We hope that these items inspire our patrons and add the perfect touch to any outfit.